Set of 3 Riso-Printed Posters

This project, provided by Liverpool-based, football magazine Spiel, involved creating a set of posters to promote their 5-a-side football tournament. I worked on this project with Adam Lenz, a fellow LSAD graphic student, and we wanted to create something a bit different and memorable, but mainly fun! We settled on the concept of interactivity and involvement – to reflect the nature of the tournament, and we incorporated this into the project by creating a poster that folds into a ball-like object (a great object for keepy-ups, and de-stressing in the studio).

The design for the posters takes from the classic patterns that can be found on most football equipment & clothing, and the colours reflect the bold and beautifully garish colour schemes of the football industry. We also designed the branding for the event, which has been incorporated onto the posters, and filmed a guide video to help assemble the ball. The posters are two-colour risograph prints on 90gsm Fabriano stock.