A visual guide to the graphics of Blade Runner

The purpose of this project was to highlight some of the incredible graphic imagery from the original 1982 film Blade Runner, as a lot of these graphics certainly didn’t get the screen-time they deserve. Elements recreated include logos (both from the world of Blade Runner and real-world product placement), signage, typography and print found in the film – a lot of which was created by the film’s production illustrator Tom Southwell.

The publication follows a chronilogical order, and the widescreen layout keeps the graphics where they would be on screen, with added time-stamps in both English and Japanese (a reference to the multi-cultural world of Blade Runner). The publication is 35 pp on 100gsm brilliant white stock, perfect bound with a drawn-on soft-cover in 300gsm Canford Card.

In 2015 I was thrilled to receive the following email from Tom Southwell, production illustrator on the film:

“I have found your Blade Runner appreciation website and was pleased my work has inspired you and your work in art school. I include a photo of myself from 1966 when 4 lads from your city inspired me and my band. Now it’s your turn to inspire. Good luck with your work, you are on your way.”
Tom Southwell, March 22, 2015