Promotional booklet and initial branding work

This self-directed University project was a continuation of my first self-directed brief (which focused on the typefaces and signages found in the city), and for it I chose to promote the hypothetical re-opening of the popular club and bar The Magnet Liverpool, to investors, sponsors and music promoters. I felt the space would be appropriate due to it’s long-standing history in Liverpool and cultural relevance in the music scene, and this led to the creation of a publication to sell the space as a new two-tier club and lounge attracting the whole city.

The final outcome builds on some of the themes discovered through my previous type project, such as the use of Gill Sans and also features original photography to capture the feel of the city and represent the space, along with quotes from the magnet’s twitter, handwritten by fellow LSAD student Mario Vaz. The final is a twenty-page french-fold and perfect bound publication, printed using a risograph on 90gsm Fabriano Stock.