Four-part typographic publication with sleeve holder

For this self-directed project, my aim was to explore the role that typography plays in our daily lives. We sometimes overlook just how important typography and signage is in our landscape, and this idea formed the basis of the publication. I started by collecting photographic examples of typography and signage from the streets of Liverpool, choosing to focus on four streets, each with a different feel (a fast food street, a street from the China-town district, a culturally rich/fashion street and a nightlife area).

I then chose to use a method I had developed and worked with in a previous project, to isolate the signs and give them the focus. The choice to focus on multiple streets meant that the project naturally developed into a collection of separate books, giving each street it’s own voice within the collection. This then prompted the need for a sleeve or holding device, which I produced and used as the vehicle for the project text (write-up etc), keeping the books free of any type other than that seen on the selected streets.